Mark Anthony Jacobson

"It is this language of the spirit that I try to communicate in the images I create, our relationships with the animals, with the birds, with the fish and all of humanity. It is the experience of my ancestors that have inspired the stories and legends of the Ojibway people."

Click for larger images. Mark Jacobson with Norval Morrisseau
Mark Anthony Jacobson with Norval Morrisseau

North Vancouver school board - Education for a new generation

North Vancouver City Council Art presentation

Mark Anthony Jacobson poses with "Mother Nature"

Mark Anthony Jacobson poses with "Shaman's Transformation"

Mark Anthony Jacobson with medicines

The Shaman Artist


Born in Sioux Lookout, Ontario Canada in 1972, Mark Anthony Jacobson started painting at 13 years of age. Drawing traditional symbolism within the subject matter of his paintings, Mark began to realize that there was an energy of x-ray design materializing in his work. Mark explained that this visual language was like seeing the life force of creation, the spiritual energy of the animals, the birds, the fish and humanity. That there was this energy of the spirit in all things, the plant kingdoms, the mineral kingdoms, all that there is in this beautiful universe. Mark felt that at a young age, the Creator blessed him with this artistic ability called the woodland art movement. Mark explained that it is an ancestral right, given to the chosen ones by the Creator, and the old ones in the spirit world, that seek to manifest their wisdom and experiences through the young apprentices, or disciples of the creative spirit. The ancestors see it all, what your heart is really driven by, Mark explains. Not all artists understand this language of the spirit, that there is a responsibility in what you are creating. Some are driven by money, self importance, ego, and selfish desires. This is not the way of our ancestors, the great Ojibway.

We are about love, hope, faith and charity, that the principles of spirit are the real purpose of why we are all here. To live in harmony with all things is what we are intended to do. To see the oneness of the spirit in all things, in one another. That we all belong to the Creator, that we need to bring out the highest good in one another, this is why I am inspired to paint. We are medicine to each other, now you can be good medicine, or bad medicine, it depends on your motives and desires. The duality of creation is always striving to reveal the oneness in all things. It's a beautiful process whether you agree or not, it is the way it is. Where there is conflict, there is resolution, it is the nature of creation teaching us at all times. Mark has been painting for around 20 years now, and he say's that he is a continuous willing student of the Creator's ways. I love art, and I love being an instrument of creativity, channeling the medicine of my people, for the people. The history of my ancestors, and the message of taking care of our environment and the creation, are really important to me.

It is a privilege to be an artist who understands that it's about the message, not the messenger. That if we depend on the Creator, the Creator will free us from all those dependencies that distract us from our real purpose. It is an honour to be a spiritual being having a human experience, and I thank you, all who love this form of art that speaks to the inner soul of each and every one of us.

To all my relations,
Mark Anthony Jacobson/Rainbow Thunderbird

Art Show's, Lifeline,

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  • Opening artshow for 2010 called INDN arts in action "Make it Real" with Norval Morrisseau originals along with 7 other artists.
  • Continue to identify the fake Morrisseaus on the market.
  • Continue to study Norval Morrisseau paintings from the time periods of the 50's, 60's, 70's 80's 90's for personal and public authentication purposes.
  • Giclee print production of 200 prints on paper, image "Our sacred water spirits" Coglan art & studio, Aldergrove, B.C.
  • Another Giclee print production of 150 prints on paper, image " Meditation" Coglan art & studio, Aldergrove, B.C.
  • Print production in Giclee on paper of 150 prints on paper, image "Mother & child" Coglan art & studio, Aldergrove, B.C.
  • Canamade Olympics event and artshow, Vancouver, B.C.
  • Artshow and presentation, Sinclair center, Vancouver B.C.
  • Featured artist in the "Here is now" art show, Vancouver, B.C.


  • Experience a most profound spiritual revolutionary change, from "Shaman artist into a Sovereign Integral.
  • Front Cover image [A shamans prayer] for text book with Oxford University press.
  • Paint 200 paintings . Spend most of the year identifying fake Norval Morrisseau paintings.
  • Spend countless weeks studying every aspect of Norval Morrisseau originals so as to help with the authenticity of his artworks and legacy.
  • Sharing the truth about Canada's biggest art fraud via my blog
  • Being of service to the community.
  • Plenty of prayer and ceremonies through out 2009.
  • Artshow MCL Motors event, unveiling of the new Bentley sports, Vancouver, B.C.
  • New art products available with Native Northwest, Vancouver .B.C


  • Art project North Vancouver school board (Education for a new generation)
  • Art Show "Eagles in the City" - House of the Spirit Bear Gallery
  • Sioux Lookout Bulletin news paper article
  • Front cover image (A Shaman's prayer) of a university text book for Oxford University Press Canada
  • Giclee print production of 16 images, 200 Remarques per image
  • Art presentation with North Vancouver city council


  • Representation with Lattimer Gallery, Hill's Native Art, Raven and the Bear Gallery, Spirit Gallery Amazing Grace Gallery, Fentry Fine Art, Appleton Gallery, Greenery Gallery, House of the Spirit Bear Gallery, Action Framing and Gallery, Northern Images, Ontario Craft's Council, Cedar Basket Gallery, Anishnabae Art Gallery, Bay of Spirits Gallery, Thunder Bay Art Gallery, and world wide collector's and commissions on a continuous basis.
  • Art show "Our Sacred Environment" - Greenery Gallery
  • Art show " Transformations" - Greenery Gallery


  • Series of 4 more images, 200 prints per image, 15x19, Seacoast silk screening, Victoria,B.C.
  • series of 2 images, 200 prints per image, 22x30 17 colour schemes, Victoria, B.C.
  • Art show with Vancouver Island artists Port Place in Nanaimo B.C.
  • Spiritual workshop Kowichen indian reserve, filmed by Shaw TV


  • Sponsored a native american church, peyote ceremony in Chase, B.C. ,thank you meeting
  • Receive eagle staff, water drum, rattle, songs, eagle medicines, and visions of the future
  • Receive Indian name -pey-sim-away-apey-binasi - RAINBOW THUNDERBIRD
  • Create 250 paintings on canvas, some 12 feet by 4 feet and feel at one with the dualities of creation, thus helping others to the truth of those dualities
  • Art show with Norval Morrisseau, Gallery of Giving, Nanaimo, B.C.
  • Frequent trips to Nanaimo to hang out with Norval and to just be around him.


  • Started a series of 275 prints, Hummingbirds 15x19, Garfinkel Publications Vancouver B.C.
  • Another series of 275 prints, Butterflies, 15x19, Garfinkel Publications Vancouver B.C.
  • Publication of more art cards, clothing line, fine art dish ware, book marks, mugs, and etc.
  • North American Art show, Aboriginal center, Vancouver B.C.
  • Front cover of Winds of change magazine, American Indian Ed. and Opportunity,U.S.A.
  • Series of 4 images, 200 prints per image, 15x19 Seacoast silk screening, Victoria, B.C.


  • Move to Vancouver, B.C., fall in love with Vancouver and find the art movement beautiful
  • Art show in Ontario, Clare art center
  • Art show called Bawpinew Kumigud, with A.N.D.P.V.A Barrie, Ont.
  • Selling paintings through out B.C.
  • Attending peyote ceremonies and learning peyote songs and the instruments


  • Move back to Toronto, have art show through the 30th ann. Mukwa Geezis Festival
  • Art show at Longyear museum of Anthropology, Hamilton, New York, U.S.A.
  • Create another 400 paintings on paper for Art works, International, Toronto Ont.
  • Introduction to Native American Church, peyote ceremonies, I fall in love with the medicine
  • Grandfather peyote begins to teach that God is within, I find the real teacher, the Creator


  • Art show in Brockport, New York, with David Morrisseau and A.N.D.P.V.A
  • Print production with Garfinkel Publications, Vancouver, B.C.
  • Art show with the late Arthur Shilling, A.N.D.P.V.A, Toronto, Ont.
  • Representation with the Illuminary Art Gallery, Toronto Ont.
  • Art show with Illuminary Art Gallery, showing Picasso, Dali, and other european masters, in Toronto Ont. at the Toronto convention center
  • Artist journey to Banff, Alberta, 10 months spending creative, intimate time with mother earth
  • Selling paintings in Banff, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver


  • Contract with Gentry Lane Fine Arts, selected works, Toronto Ont.
  • Group show with A.N.D.P.V.A. Skydome, Toronto Ont.
  • Solo show, boat cruise, enterprise 2000, Toronto Ont.
  • Contract with the Spin Gallery, selected works, Toronto Ont.
  • Spending time with elder's and medicine people learning multi-cultural perspectives


  • Group show with A.N.D.P.V.A. Skydome, Toronto Ont.
  • Contract with Spin Gallery, selected works, Toronto Ont.
  • Contract with La Parate Gallery, selected works, Toronto, Ont.
  • Art show with the Hybrid Network, Toronto Ont.
  • 2 vision quests, major attendance at sundance sweatlodge ceremonies/ fire keeper
  • Privileged to be of Ojibway ancestry


  • Feature article in Sioux Lookout, Ont, Wawatay News
  • Move to Toronto, Ont, receive grant from Metis Nation of Ontario
  • Have art show in Timmins, Ont. = Art presentation with Fern Public School, Toronto Ont.
  • Group show with A.N.D.P.V.A. Skydome, Toronto Ont.
  • Contract with Artworks International, selected works, 700 paintings on paper, Toronto, Ont.
  • Attending ceremonies and spiritual gatherings, being of service to the community


  • Publication of 200 prints called Inner strength, 12x16
  • Attend Lakehead University and enroll in the art program
  • Art presentation at Hammerskjold High School, Thunder Bay Ont.
  • Receive vision of Jesus Christ and experience conviction of death to selfishness
  • Experience truth of the oneness of all things and feel the reality of our Creator
  • Receive psychic change and experience humility and gratitude
  • Paint 170 paintings in 6 months


  • Solo show, The ARC, Vancouver B.C.
  • Having deep spiritual experiences with mother earth and her language with creation
  • Move to Tofino, Vancouver Island for 6 months and seek creative inspiration
  • Receive 380 eagle feather's from elder on Long beach, reserve, Tofino, Vancouver Island
  • Attend ceremony in Sugar cane, reserve B.C. sweat with elders and warriors, Gustasfen Lake, sundance ceremony sacred burial grounds are in jeopardy from Canadian Government
  • Move back to Thunder Bay and spend intimate time with Nanbijou and paint


  • Start looking into my past and begin addressing inner child issues
  • Selling paintings and commissions
  • Continue seeking resolutions to inner conflicts


  • Move to Vancouver, B.C. and have Solo show at the Blue Coyote Gallery
  • Continue studies in mysticism, develop deeper relationship with creation
  • Experience dark night of the soul, inner crisis, and conflict of the spiritual
  • Suffer periods of insanity and nothingness, receive spiritual enlightenment and grace
  • Continue painting as means of self expression and healing


  • Start learning sweat lodge ceremonies, songs and get gifted medicines
  • Much Music Wapistan promotion, win a Jacobson original painting, Toronto Ont.


  • Suffer near death experience and make contact with the spirit master's/ inner guides
  • Clinically dead for 7 minutes, come out of a coma 5 days later
  • Receive visions to express the will and wisdom of our ancestor's.
  • Begin studies on shamanism, christianity, prayer, meditation, eckankar, Ojibway culture


  • Art show, Taos square, Taos, New Mexico U.S.A.


  • Have first show with family and friends 1989
  • group show in Thunder bay Ont. satellite center 1989
  • Group show in Sioux Lookout Ont. at the sunset Inn
  • Art presentation in Sioux lookout Ont. Queen Elizabeth high school art student program
  • Paint with Roy Thomas in Thunder Bay, Ont. 1990
  • Solo show in Toronto, {Yorkville] Ont. Pow Wow Gallery
  • Feature article in the Thunder bay chronicle and journal
  • Grant from the Canadian native arts foundation, Toronto Ont.
  • Move to Los Angeles and have art show at the Board walk, Venice Beach, California U.S.A.

1986 - 1987

  • Blessed by the Creator to create Ojibway art form and begin the apprenticeship 1987
  • Sell first painting

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